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Pandora's Hammer in concert

Welcome to Pandora’s Hammer

We are:

Fran Franks — Lead guitar and vocals

  • Berkeley via Flint Michigan via LA

Lowell-James Hicks — Guitar, bass, vocals

  • El Cerrito via Austin via Hawaii via Phoenix via Lake Ontario


  • Berkeley via Guide Dogs For The Blind


We are currently under construction. Please excuse our mess!

In the meantime, check out these previews of our CD:


Side 1 sampler:


Side 2 sampler:

[comment]Side 1 sampler
Side 2 sampler


In the meantime, you can visit our Music page for easy access to a couple of free tunes, and you can enjoy some videos of Pandora’s Hammer in action below.

Franify by Pandora's Hammer

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